Drive-by shoutings

The greatest living pop lyricists, Half Man Half Biscuit, play Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Friday. Yes, they are still going. And like the Fall, some of the recent stuff is among their best. Their last album, CSI: Ambleside, boasted the classics Bad Losers on Yahoo Chess and Took Problem Chimp To Ideal Home Show.

I could have been like Lou Barlow / But I'm more like Ken Barlow

They are, by any definition, a cult band. As such they have a group of avid followers and they have organised a voting cup competition for fans to vote for their favourite songs – done in a series of knock-out rounds after an initial group phase – the Lux Familiar Cup.

We have now reached the final and it’s time to vote for either What is Chatteris? or A Country Practice.

I could ramble at length about HMHB as the most acerbic and funny lyrical observers of the minutiae of British life and pop culture you could come across. But for now, I have placed my vote and if anyone else wishes to, here’s the link: Half Man Half Biscuit: The Lux Familiar Cup Final


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