Choice as a barrier to change – from RSA Animate

Just passing this one on, really: it’s one of those lovely RSA Animate illustrated talks, with Prof Renata Saleci’s views on how the proliferation of individual choice keeps us all from asking bigger questions (or at least, from doing anything about the answers). It’s the other side of the coin of personal empowerment – personal responsibility, guilt and feelings of inadequacy when things, inevitably, are less than ideal. We blame ourselves as individuals rather than addressing the big structural issues. That’s the theory anyway!

But is this changing …? We’ll see if OWS etc fans out into anything more significant. But there’s more big picture thinking about this now by more people (in the twittersphere at least) than Prof Saleci may credit. Whether it amounts to a head of steam remains to be seen.

I also like that the workers bees look like the Mexican tv bee guy from The Simpsons.

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