Scarfolk: beautiful (and very funny) images of a bewitched 70s Middle England dystopia

Useful information for Scarfolkians on the Circle of Life
Useful information for Scarfolkians on the Circle of Life

Occasionally something pops into my view on twitter that’s worth a read and very occasionally I make a real discovery – or rather various illustrious twitterati have. I came across Scarfolk last night via a recommendation from Caitlin Moran‘s twitter feed, started exploring it and, well, it is just a delight: Scarfolk website.

The conceit that writer and graphic designer Richard Littler has created is Scarfolk: a 1970s place, lost somewhere in a half-forgotten nether reach of Middle England, in which things are not quite right. It’s a kind of 70s Royston Vasey meets the Midwich Cuckoos on the set of Crossroads.

The writing is brilliant but the artwork makes it – lovingly twisted recreations of public information posters, Penguin book covers and album covers made to suit a place benighted by a version of the 70s even wronger than the real 70s. And that’s going some.

Browse and enjoy – lots of laugh out loud moments in here.

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