Petrels: Flailing Tomb

Thanks to Paul Margree for taking me to such an enjoyable evening of sound at Cafe Oto in Dalston last Thursday – Petrels, with Ensemble Economique as support. The kind of thing I would never find on my own 🙂 Here’s Paul’s Petrels album review from last year for Louder Than War.

We need no swords


“An inspired marriage of ecstatic drone, krautrock and synthpop.”

Read the review at Louder Than War.


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1 Response to Petrels: Flailing Tomb

  1. popsmargree says:

    Hello Simon

    Thanks for the mention. Petrels are indeed a fab band – their new album on Denovali is well worth a listen, especially if devotional music played on a spaceship about to fall into a supernova is your thing.

    Check it out here
    This is a great track from it:

    We Need No Swords (


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