Black Mirror: Trailer Trash

Looking forward to the new batch of Charlie Brooker Black Mirror dramas, starting on Channel 4 on Monday 11th Feb. For the unitiated, Brooker’s darkly comedic vision delivers pacy drama, acidly accurate social commentary and dyspeptic belly laughs in equal measure. Bring it on.

But regardless of the show, this trailer itself is worth a look (and has won acclaim in Campaign and elsewhere). It’s a brilliant transition in a minute or so from glossy, hip contemporary surface to disturbing underbelly in a few wonderfully shot images, to a cool voiceover that sounds increasingly weirdly detached as the images darken. Perfect. I love it when veneers get slashed away – underneath is always where the action is.

Published by Simon Riley

Qualitative researcher in the UK. I listen to people from all walks of life and think about what it all means. I work for leading brands, media companies and government.

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