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Organising chaos: what co-creation workshops can do

I came across this today and thought I’d share it, though I wasn’t involved in this work myself. It’s a workshop done by the Bristol-based Pervasive Media Studio, a co-creation “ideas lab” on the Internet of Things. Worth a watch, … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad: corroding a hole through the top floor of Maslow’s pyramid

I know Breaking Bad is finished but a late suggestion to creator Vince Gilligan – you really should have used this classic by The Nolans as the theme tune: I recently finished a month or so in which I watched … Continue reading

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Black Mirror: Trailer Trash

Looking forward to the new batch of Charlie Brooker Black Mirror dramas, starting on Channel 4 on Monday 11th Feb. For the unitiated, Brooker’s darkly comedic vision delivers pacy drama, acidly accurate social commentary and dyspeptic belly laughs in equal … Continue reading

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Proust Wasn’t A Neuroscientist: Another Icarus Falls

Another young journalistic Turk bites the dust: LA Times: Jonah Lehrer resigns, book recalled over invented quotes. Having read and enjoyed some of his stuff, I feel more than a little betrayed. But it’s a reminder of the pressure on … Continue reading

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Driving Our Man Machines Towards Distraction: Nicholas Carr’s “The Shallows”

The Sunday Times described it as a “bold reactionary book” – and so it is. I’ve just finished reading Nicholas Carr‘s The Shallows (subtitle: How the internet is changing the way we read, think and remember). Its main point is … Continue reading

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Fuel “panic”: when laissez-faire crisis management met the rational herd

We’ve seen over the last week a great illustration of why government and companies ought to listen to behavioural economists – and social researchers generally for that matter. I bought fuel on the way into my meeting in London on … Continue reading

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