Kahneman in conversation with Evan Davies and Prof Paul Dolan

Kahneman discusses Thinking Fast And Slow at LSE with Evan Davies and Paul Dolan

For those interested in psychology and behavioural economics, here is a quick link via Prof Paul Dolan’s site to an hour’s discussion between Evan Davies, Dolan and Kahneman about Thinking Fast and Slow, which took place a while back when the book came out in paperback. I’ll save comment for when I’ve finished reading it!

Kahneman is the Nobel laureate who did more than anyone (apart from his late collaborator Amos Tversky) to spark the contemporary interest in the human, non-rational aspects of decision-making, blowing away the myth that we are somehow ‘rational actors’ when it comes to making choices – a myth upon which a lot of traditional economics (and, more germanely to me, consumer business practice and government communications) has been based.

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