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Breaking Bad: corroding a hole through the top floor of Maslow’s pyramid

I know Breaking Bad is finished but a late suggestion to creator Vince Gilligan – you really should have used this classic by The Nolans as the theme tune: I recently finished a month or so in which I watched … Continue reading

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A Nice Throw-Back: Ads That Are Actually Funny

I had a week in the USA this month and caught this series of ads in between my son’s Lego Ninjago cartoons. There are several in the campaign and nearly all are laugh-out-loud funny. Great job by Grey New York. … Continue reading

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Some laughs for my birthday – Mitt Romney, by Bad Lip-Reading

For those who like their comedy Pythonesque and find US politicians generally absurd, this is too good not to share. Mitt Romney on the campaign trail and what it looks like he’s saying … I’ve watched this about eight times … Continue reading

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The return of Fabio

Hugely amused, watching some US female discussion groups on a video link, to hear ludicrous 90s “heartthrob” Fabio name-checked repeatedly. Fame is fleeting, but infamy less so.

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